png 20.04.2018

YASZ spustil spasatel’nyy kater «Kapitan Balashov» 48/5000 Yasz launched a rescue boat “Captain Balashov”

PJSC “Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant” on April 20, 2018 routinely launched the rescue boat – the A40-2B-YAR bonopostavschik of the project A40-2B-YAR, serial number 165. The vessel was named Captain Balashov by the customer’s decision. Alena Kuleva, manager of the company’s logistics department, became the godmother of the ship. Its location is the port of Vladivostok.

“Captain Balashov” – the fifth in a series of six boats being built by the plant by order of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport. Four vessels were handed over to the customer in 2016 – 2017, the fifth and sixth – will be transferred in 2018 in accordance with the terms of the state contract.

Vessels of the project A40–2B-YAR correspond to the class KM Ise2 R3 RSN Aut 3 oil recovery ship (> 60 °) of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and are intended for rescue operations and the following operations:

• transportation of spill response equipment for oil or petroleum products in coastal sea, river and lake search and rescue areas, in the waters of bays, inlets, sea and river ports;

• localization of the distribution of spilled petroleum products by setting booms and constructing oil gathering orders;

• liquidation of spills of oil or oil products by collecting them in floating vessels and further towing of containers to the place of reception by coastal or floating stations;

• search and rise from water of floating objects and people.