1920 year

Yaroslavsky Shipyard was founded in 1920.

1920-1930s year

The main products in the 1920-1930s were wooden river and marine raiders, diving, mail and firefighting boats. The first ship with all-welded metal hull was built at the end of 1931.

1941-1945s year

During the Great Patriotic War, the plant supplied the front with boats armed with Katyusha jet units (over 150 boats), which participated in the Battle of Stalingrad and fought as part of the Dnieper and Danube flotilla. For his contribution to the Great Victory, in 1985 the Yaroslavsky Shipyard was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, First Degree.

1950-1960s year

The reconstruction of the enterprise, carried out in the 50s, significantly increased the capacity of the plant and made it possible to master a new type of product - the construction of marine medium freezing trawlers of projects 502,503 equipped with various fishing gear, of which more than 130 units were built.

1970-1980s year

In 1970-80, developing the construction of ships with a displacement of up to 2,000 tons, the Yaroslavsky Shipyard successfully conducted the construction of 3,000 hp marine tugboat-rescuers of the projects 745 and 1454, small anti-submarine ships of the project 1241-2, border guard patrol ships of the project 10410, amphibious ships of the project 14460.

1990s year

The enterprise, having changed its legal form to an open joint-stock company, in the 1990s continued to produce military and civilian vessels of various purposes for the domestic and foreign markets..

2000s year

In the 2000s, the Yaroslavsky Shipyard continued to produce marine tugboats - rescuers of the Project 745 series for the border guard service of the Russian Federation; transferred to the customers from Sweden and the Netherlands 12 tugboats and customs boats built under the supervision of LRS and BV, as well as the 32-meter yacht hull, built under the supervision of RINA.

2008 year

In 2008, the first yacht of the catamaran type “Otrada” was built and in 2009 the plant began the serial construction of leisure vessels.

Present tense

For the last 10 years, the Shipyard has been fulfilling various state orders, as well as actively participated in the implementation of the target program “Development of the transport system of Russia”. Having grown from a small shipyard to a modern plant, on the eve of its 100th anniversary, Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant still remains a steadily developing enterprise producing competitive civilian and military products under the modern projects. This means vessels of any complexity, with various motion options, from small patrol boats to large marine and river vessels.