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Yaroslavl Shipyard is an enterprise with almost a century of experience, constantly developing and producing modern ships on the latest projects, with quality that corresponds to the best European analogues. These are ships of any complexity – from small boats to large sea and river vessels with a displacement of up to 3,200 tons. The successful geographical position allows the plant to bring ships to the Baltic, to the White Sea and to the southern seas – the Black, Azov, Caspian. The company works with leading research and production centers, our partners are well known in the world. A team of professionals, quality materials, optimal prices are highly appreciated by our customers. Over its long history, the plant has made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian fleet and fleets of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The plant has many awards and professional achievements. The company has accumulated a large technological, material, technical and personnel potential.

The plant annually shows an increase in financial and economic indicators, an increase in the volume of products and an increase in the quality of the vessels produced. The program of integrated advanced development of the enterprise is being successfully implemented and production efficiency is increasing.

The plant is known as a reliable partner, clearly and on time fulfilling all the conditions of contracts. PJSC “Yaroslavl Shipyard” pursues a policy of conducting socially responsible business. The company makes a significant contribution to the economy of the Yaroslavl region, being a large and conscientious taxpayer.



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    • Fishery and fishing vessels
    • Sea and river tankers for oil products
    • Bunker Tankers
    • Auxiliary vessels for rescue services
    • River and sea boats for various purposes
    • Sea tugs with capacity up to 9 MW
    • Security Courts
    • Diving boats
    • Pump floating stations
    • Leisure and tourism vessels – yachts
    • Small patrol ships
    • High-speed patrol boats with a displacement of 10 to 100 tons
    • Amphibious hovercraft patrol boats
    • Air Cavity Boats


The quality of the services provided by the company is recognized:
  • Russian River Register
  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
The quality control of the services provided by the plant is monitored:
  • In assessing the quality of materials and components entering the work
  • When analyzing the quality of work performed at all stages of production
  • By preparation and use of welding materials
  • When conducting technical monitoring of the construction and repair of ships in accordance with the requirements of the RMRS (“Russian Maritime Register of Shipping”) and PPP (“Russian River Register”), followed by a report on the work performed.


The company performs ship repair works with the conduct of fault detection of hulls, devices, systems, valves.


Manufacturing of metal structures and tanks, bending pipes and sheets


  • Yaroslavl Shipyard is equipped with a slipway 190 m long, consisting of two spans, for the construction of hulls up to 15 meters wide
  • With the help of the longitudinal launch device ships are delivered to the water, reaching a length of 75 m and weighing 1500 tons.
  • The machine park of the machine shop makes it possible to manufacture parts such as propeller shafts up to 15 m long.
  • Crane equipment allows for the assembly of ship hulls from sections weighing up to 60 tons in a closed slipway.
  • Assembly-welding production is equipped with a fleet of bridge cranes, allowing to produce blocks weighing up to 100 tons.
  • The open slipway is equipped with a gantry crane with a loading capacity of 45 tons and a tower crane of 10 tons.
  • The slip design makes it possible to lift vessels weighing up to 1500 tons.
  • On the preprocessing line, the metal is prepared for cutting (shot blasting and protection for an interoperative period).
  • Assembly and welding workshops of the plant are equipped with fixed and tuning equipment for the assembly of ship sections.
  • The plant has CNC gas-cutting plasma machines capable of cutting out parts of complex shapes (up to 8 m in length) from high-strength steels. Capacities allow to process 3000 tons of steel and 500 tons of aluminum per year.
  • Welding production is certified by the Maritime Register of Shipping of the Russian Federation, welders have a corresponding permit to work. For the construction of ships, the plant receives materials and equipment from more than 400 supplier enterprises in Russia and the CIS. Import equipment comes from Denmark (Sabroe), Sweden (Standart Radio), Finland, Italy, Germany (SKL-diesel and Krupp MaK, Baader and Grasso KAB), Norway (Mustad), USA (Marco Marine).
  • The furniture workshop of the plant is equipped with modern equipment and produces modern cabinet furniture of any complexity and high quality on individual projects for: yacht and ship interiors, office premises, hotels, schools and kindergartens.
  • The structure of the plant includes the Nizhny Novgorod design bureau, the main activities of which are: the development of a technical proposal and the architectural and artistic design of the vessel, the development of a draft design of the vessel and the design documentation of the vessel in construction, economic planning, acceptance and operational documentation, the implementation of architectural supervision ship building.
To solve the tasks of high-quality and timely execution of orders at the plant, the following shops operate:
  1. Shop №1 Assembly units and sections of the body,
  2. Shop №2 Mechanical shop,
  3. Shop №3 Woodworking,
  4. Shop №4 Manufacturing of parts of sections, personal items and aluminum structures,
  5. Shop No. 10 Stape (assembly of ship hulls)
  6. Shop №15 Assembly and delivery
  7. Shop mechanical and mechanical (ensuring the functioning of the enterprise)
For the successful implementation of projects, the plant updates the existing and uses in the work of new equipment:
  1. Device painting Graco Mark X
  2. Bandsaw machine Pegas 220×250
  3. Bandsaw machine Pegas 290×320
  4. Bandsaw machine Pegas 300×320
  5. Tenoning machine DOS-SHR-150
  6. Painting chamber KROST
  7. T-133 pipe bending machine
  8. Gas cutting machine KvikiE PLRC RD
  9. Gibshchik GROST RB-50A fittings
  10. Stationary phase picker UZ-30
  11. Guillotine shears NG13G.02
  12. Guillotine shears NG12G.02


Labor safety and well-being of the company’s employees is the priority goal of the plant management. The created working conditions fully meet the standards and requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Our tasks in the field of labor protection and safety:
  • Ensuring the priority of saving lives and health of employees
  • Creating healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace
  • Attracting employees to actively participate in monitoring the state of labor protection at workplaces and carrying out preventive work to prevent industrial risks
Our objectives in the field of environmental policy:
  • Preventing environmental pollution through efficient use of resources, proper disposal of waste and use of technologies that do not harm the environment
  • Strict adherence to environmental legislation and waste control in the enterprise
  • Preventing emergency situations and minimizing the negative impact on the environment
The plant’s activities are aimed at maintaining a favorable environmental situation in the region through:
  • The introduction of energy-saving technologies
  • Cleaning the water protection zone and coastal protective strip
  • Improvement, gardening and cleaning of the territory of the plant
  • Control of emissions of pollutants into the air
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements for the prevention of emergency situations associated with waste management.
* The enterprise’s activities fully comply with the norms and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.



The certification of the construction of ships at PJSC “YSZ” is conducted under the supervision of both the Russian Maritime and River Register. Welding production is certified by the Maritime Register of Shipping, factory mechanical and flaw detection laboratories are accredited by the Maritime Register. In addition, the plant is certified for compliance with the international requirements of ISO 9001. When working with foreign customers, production is certified for a specific classification society (KO), under which the project placed at the enterprise is developed. Factory workers built orders under the supervision of the English Lloyd’s Register (Lloyds Register), Bureau Veritas, and the construction of yachts is under way in the Italian Register RINA. The experience of plant specialists helps to cope with any tasks. Of course, this would have been impossible without improving the culture of production, the use of modern equipment, the development of new approaches to traditional technologies. Thus, the plant becomes more attractive for the most demanding customers. During the development of new projects after engineering design and workshop preparation, technology-normalization maps are formed, all operations, tooling and so on are being worked out. In difficult cases, the company turns for help to industry-specific scientific organizations, such as TsNIITS, Research Institute “Prometheus” and others.

Certificate of compliance with quality management systems ISO 9001-2015 BP

Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register 2019

Certificate of compliance with quality management systems ISO 9001: 2015

Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping 2019

Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping 2019