PJSC “Yaroslavl Shipyard” is a modern enterprise capable of building ships of any complexity: from small boats to large sea and river vessels with a displacement of up to 3,200 tons.

In the shipbuilding portfolio of the plant there are projects of modern commercial fleet vessels, taking into account the needs of shipping companies and meeting the requirements of international conventions on the safety of navigation.

The plant actively builds ships according to the projects of the leading shipbuilding design bureaus – Marine Engineering Bureau, Volga-Caspian Design Bureau, Vimpel Design Bureau, etc. The plant includes the Design Bureau specializing in the development and implementation of modern shipbuilding technologies.й.


  • Fishery and fishing vessels;
  • Drillers for the development of oil and gas fields on the sea shelf;
  • Sea and river bulk tankers for petroleum products and edible fats;
  • Bunker Tankers
  • Auxiliary vessels for the fleet rescue service with a displacement of 1500-1700 tons;
  • Sea tugs with capacity up to 9 MW
  • River and sea speed boats and passenger vessels with a capacity of up to 150 people.
  • Security Courts
  • Diving boats
  • Pump floating stations
  • Recreation and tourism vessels – yachts
  • Ship hulls for various purposes.
  • High-speed patrol boats with a displacement of 10 to 100 tons;
  • Amphibious hovercraft patrol boats.
  • Boats with an air cavity.