PJSC “Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant”’s Design Berau

In October 2014, a new design bureau specializing in complete design in the field of shipbuilding started operating in Nizhny Novgorod.

The Design Bureau is a structural unit of the shipbuilding enterprise – PJSC “Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant”, and is intended primarily for engineering support of project documentation for the needs of the Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant, as well as complete design and design work for third-party organizations.

The team of the new design bureau was formed with the specialists of the design office of LLC ZNT-Engineering (May 2010 – September 2014), which provided the project documentation of OJSC Nizhny Novgorod Motor ship.

The opening of a design office on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod, where there are universities and companies related to the shipbuilding is a well-thought-out  step by management of the company, a step associated with the well-known difficulties of selecting technical specialists in almost all regions of the country.

The Design Bereau’s goals are:

    • Development of project documentation for the construction of ships for projects of other design bureaus;
    • Complete design of ships and auxiliary fleet vessels, as well as special purpose vessels.


The main activities of the design office:

    • Development of a technical proposal, avan-project and architectural and artistic project of the vessel;
    • Research and development (R & D) in the field of shipbuilding;
    • Development of a draft design of the vessel (DD);
    • Development of the technical design of the vessel (TD);

    • Development of vessel design documentation in construction (CPAP);
    • Development of working design documentation (WDD), including planning and technological documentation (PTD), acceptance documentation (DED) and operational documentation (ES);
    • Selection and expert services for procurement and selection of component equipment and materials;
    • Preparation of technical specifications, technical specifications and contracts for the supply of component equipment and materials;
    • Conducting inclinations / weighing experiments and author supervision during the construction of ships..
    • Perspective development of concept – projects of vessels of various purposes.

The specialized software products - AutoCAD, SeaSolution, SeaSolid, SeaHydro is used in the everyday work of the design bureau.

As of December 2018, the following vessels have been built or are in the process of construction according to full-set or working projects of the design bureau of PJSC "YSP":

    • Marine rescue boat-booms putter of the project A40-2B-YAR for FBU “Morspasluzhba Rosmorrechflot” – 6 units;
    • Offshore raid diving boat of the project А160-ЯР for FBU “Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot” – 1 unit;
    • River small multi-purpose boat of project 03220 for JSC Rybinsk Shipyard – 2 units;
    • River rescue boat-booms putter of the project A40-2B-YAR-2 for Transneft Kama Region JSC – 2 units;
    • River surveying vesselof project 3330 for PKU Rechvodput – 3 units..

In addition to the current production work under the concluded contracts, prospective studies of vessels of various purposes are being conducted.



At the moment, a specialty recruitment of specialists with different degrees of qualification and the following specializations is carried out in the design bureau:

    • Chief Designer of the project;
    • Housing;
    • Systems / mechanisms;

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